Using notability for peer editing….

Our help desk students are going to peer edit individual blog posts. Notability is a perfect choice for this. We are using one of our 21st century skills rubrics for evaluation. Here are the steps we followed to make peer editing easy and to make sure we gave feedback for EACH category on the rubric:

  1. Post the rubric in classroom.
  2. Have each student open a copy in Notability.
  3. From there they can get creative- they can highlight, circle, or color the selections. I made them address EACH block on the rubric at the bottom in comments and score it
  4. From there, they can select “share” select “pdf” and select how they want to share it with their peer and/or you.

I created one so you can see what the final product can look like. If you need any help getting started, swing by help desk!

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