Student help desk reflection

It’s hard to believe that the first half of the year is almost over here at Nipmuc! We’ve had  a very successful first semester, and our help desk team has done an amazing job assisting teachers, staff, and students with all of their tech problems.

Students were asked to reflect on their first semester in their personal blogs. We were asked to talk about what our individual roles were in help desk, what tasks and projects we enjoyed or did not enjoy, and what we would like to improve on second semester.

Although an exemplar post was provided by Mrs. Lee, it’s always better to see one from a student. It’s more relatable and gives us a benchmark to compare our own work to. Here is an exemplar post from one of our seniors, Jake Barefoot. Jake was a familiar sight in classrooms helping students and teachers install our Mobile Device Management system, air watch. He also assisted students here at help desk and volunteers outside of school at the senior center teaching technology to the residents there. Jake is an integral part of our help desk here at Nipmuc, and we can always count on him to provide prompt and courteous service!

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